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ATM DURACAT-V3cableRecently upgraded, ATM DURACAT-V3 is a durable stranded Cat7-rated data cable for transmission of digital and analogue signals up to 1GHz.  Jacked with hard-wearing PUR, DURACAT-V3 is very flexible and ideal for use in commercial installations, and use in demanding situations such as theatre, touring and live sound.  DURACAT-V3 is also suitable for Gigabit Ethernet.

The four twisted pairs are individually screened with an overall braided screen in accordance with Cat7 requirements for effective interference shielding, ensuring integrity of the data signal.


  • Rugged bottle green PUR jacket
  • Cat7 performance
  • High-quality conductors and rugged structure preserves data integrity
  • High-quality Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC)
  • Sized to fit standard standard RJ45 and Ethercon connectors
  • Use where standard solid-core Cat7 just isn’t up to the job!
  • Use where you dare not risk the loss of a critical data link through mechanical damage.

Tough, durable jacket
Designed to fit  into standard RJ45 and Ethercon connectors, the resilient outer sheath provides a durable casement to give the cable protection against twisting and crushing and other aspects of harsh environments. 

Full Cat7 electrical specification
Kelsey DURACAT-V3 is fully compliant with Cat7 specifications for foil screened paired cable (FTP). This provides robust electrical protection from external electro-magnetic interference (EMC).

Stranded Cores
The stranded cores of DURACAT-V3 make it much more flexible than standard install cable, with greater resistance to the damage that may be caused by repetitive spooling. 


Duracat Cross Section

Suited to road and venue applications
Tough construction makes DURACAT-V3 at home with rigorous and repetitive use.

Rated for Gigabit Ethernet
DURACAT-V3 is suitable for Gigabit Ethernet and is rated according to TIA/EIA-568-B, ISO/IEC 11801 2nd Edition, EN 50173-1. For LANs IEEE 802.3:
IEC 61156-5, EN 50288-2-2.


Side Section

Conductors 7/0.16 (0.13mm/sq) OFC
Insulation SFS-PE
Shielding Laminated aluminium foil on each pair, overall tinned copper braid (90% coverage)
Jacket PUR
Outer Diameter 6.2mm
Operating Capacitance 45nF/km
Rel. Propagation Velocity c. 0.76c
Characteristic Impedance 1-100MHz 100 +/-15 Ohms
Weight 0.036kg per metre
Reel Sizes 100m and 500m