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Product Description

Z4Z-400 (4 x 100 WATTS INTO 4 OHMS)
Z4Z-1000 (4 x 250 WATTS INTO 4 OHMS)

The Z4Z series amplifiers enable mic and music switching into four different zones
The four stereo line inputs can be sent as mono to any zone as can the mic input.
Internally pre set voice override is available on all zones
Fire alarm music mute and remote volume control with led status, is standard on all four zones
Amplifiers can be interconnected to expand a system to 8 or more zones

  •  Two Low Z mic inputs, balanced or unbalanced (one input on rear panel)
  •  Mic channel has Volume, Bass, Treble, PPI led’s
  •  Mic vox (internally adjustable) with Vox active leds
  •  Four zones with four stereo line inputs (phono sockets) and input trim presets
  •  Four stereo line input selector switches
  •  Bass and Treble equalisation on all four zones
  •  Zone 1- 4 have mic on /off selector switches with led indicator
  •  Fire alarm music mute on all zones leaves mic active
  •  Separate Master, Low, Hi and remote volume controls for all zones
  •  Line out, mic out, music out, are on rear panel phono sockets
  •  Four, 5 segment led displays monitor all zone output levels
  •  Active clip limiter with max threshold facility on all four zones
  •  Speakon sockets for all loudspeaker connections
  •  Fan cooled with low noise proportional speed fan
  •  Thermal Trip, DC protection on all zones

Z4Z/400 – DIMENSIONS  483 x 290 x 89 – 13.0Kg.
Z4Z/1000 – DIMENSIONS  483 x 290 x 89 – 15.0Kg.

Mic inputs – Balanced or unbalanced 3k3 – 5mV
Line inputs – Unbalanced >22k – 200mV
Line output – Unbalanced < 10k – 775mV (0dB)
Headroom – +22dB. PPI’s active @ +19dB
Low – +/- 15dB @ 50Hz, shelved
High – +/- 15dB @ 12kHz, shelved

Power Output R.M.S. – As stated above
@ 1KHz into 4 OHMS – 70 % into 8 ohms
Frequency Response – 20 Hz – 25 kHz +/-0.5dB
T.H.D.@ rated power – <0.02% @ 1 kHz
Signal to noise ratio – Better than 100 dB
Channel Separation – Better than 60 dB
Thermal Protection – 90 deg C
D/C Protection – +/-32V
Clip Limiter – Internal, off to max required SPL
Input Sensitivity – 775 mV / 0dBu
Input Impedance – 10K + 10K
Soft start – All models
Damping Factor – Better than 400
Slew Rate – 40V/uS
Mains Inrush Limiting – 500 + 500 W upwards
Mains Input Power – 230V +/-10% 50-60Hz