Professional Audio

Acoustic Foam – Proline and Studioline



MTR’s acoustic foam panels are simple to use, attractive in appearance, and a highly effective method of reducing unwanted sound – the direct resonance and reflections in the room are dampened, and sound penetrating to and from outside the room is substantially reduced.
Proline panels are 1 metre square, Studioline are 1.2m, both can be tacked or glued using a proprietary adhesive to walls, doors and ceilings.

Proline 143/153/173 – The Proline range offers optimal qualities of damping at very sensible prices.   The profile is domed-shaped, and panels are available in thicknesses of 40mm, 50mm and 70mm.   Material density is 30Kg per cubic metre, and the colour is a mid to dark grey.  Since the method of cutting means that the edges of adjacent panels may not have an identical profile, a wooden bead strip can be used across the joins.

Studioline 253/273/293 – This pyramid shaped range has a striking appearance, and is used for its visual appeal as well as sound absorption.   It is very efficient at sound damping because a greater surface area is exposed to the sound.  Thicknesses available are 50mm, 70mm and 100mm, again in mid to dark grey.  Adjacent panels align exactly.

Recording and broadcast studios, clubs, discos, distance learning classrooms, architectural acoustics, houses of worship, theatres, auditoriums, call centres, gymnasiums, home theatre, residential, teleconferencing and videoconferencing environments, as well as all types of industrial noise control, and even office environments and noisy, hard-surfaced restaurants will all benefit from using Proline and Studioline.

All MTR panels are fire-retardant to the following specifications: BS4735 or ASTMD 1692, FMVSS 302, ISO 3795. Minimum order quantity for delivery in 10 working days: Proline 143: 26 panels, 153: 22 panels, 173: 16 panels. Studioline 253: 20 panels, 273: 14 panels, and 293: 12 panels.  As these panels are made in pairs, please always order in even numbers.