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ATM SPL Series and CS Contractor Series Speaker Cable



ATM SPL 4-18

ATM SPL 4-18 Speaker Cable

ATM’s SPL speaker cable delivers real sonic quality, and is exceptionally easily to handle.  It has been designed to be extremely flexible, robust and highly resistant to annoying kinks, twists and permanent ‘telephone curls’.

Many people ask if the quality of speaker cable actually impacts system performance.  If there was any doubt, then there isn’t now with the arrival of line array systems.  Line arrays depend on relative phase, so a phase linear cable such as SPL is a vital component.

Beyond the sonic quality, SPL is outstanding for its longevity, reliability and ease of handling.  This is why it’s the backbone of so many touring rigs and demanding high end systems.

SPL 18-core cables are now class-5 rated to IEC60228/ VDE 0295 for mains use – ideal for making up Socapex lighting assemblies.


  • Good phase linearity
  • Durable and flexible
  • High quality, fine strand OFC
  • Anti–kink and anti-knot design
  • Colour-coded cores
  • Easy-rig jacket
  • 18-core cables are also rated for mains
  • Better dispersion for line arrays
  • Reduced ongoing cost as SPL lasts longer
  • Riggers are happier – SPL is easy to work with!



ATM SPL 2.5-4-cross_sectionATM SPL2.5-4 sideSPECIFICATION

Conductors Stranded oxygen-free copper (OFC)
Conductor Size 0.75mm: 24 x 0.2mm
1.5mm: 30 x 0.25mm
2.5mm: 50 x 0.25mm
4.0mm: 56 x 0.3mm
Variants SPL-0.75-2 :  0.75mm 2-core
SPL-1.5-2 :  1.5mm 2-core
SPL-1.5-4 :  1.5mm 4-core
SPL-2.5-2 :  2.5mm 2-core
SPL-2.5-4 :  2.5mm 4-core
SPL-2.5-8 :  2.5mm 8-core
SPL-2.5-18 :  2.5mm 18-core
SPL-4.0-2 :  4.0mm 2-core
SPL-4.0-4 :  4.0mm 4-core
SPL-4.0-8 :  4.0mm 8-core
SPL-4.0-18 :  4.0mm 18-core
Jacket Flexible soft PVC
Outer Diameters SPL-0.75-2 :  5.2mm
SPL-1.5-2 :  6.2mm
SPL-1.5-4 :  8.0mm
SPL-2.5-2 :  8.2mm
SPL-2.5-4 :  10.2mm
SPL-2.5-8 :  15.8mm
SPL-2.5-18 :  19.4mm
SPL-4.0-2 :  10.8mm
SPL-4.0-4 :  12.8mm
SPL-4.0-8 :  16.6mm
SPL-4.0-18 :  25.8mm
Max Conductor Resistance 0.75mm :  26 Ohm/km
1.5mm :  13.3 Ohm/km
2.5mm :  7.98 Ohm/km
4.0mm :  4.95 Ohm/km
Reel Sizes 100m and 500m
Colour Matt Black



Contractor Series Dedicated LSZH installation speaker cable


This range is designed for speed of installation, commercial sonic quality and economy.

Stranded OFC conductors are the same as in the premium SPL range, whilst the overall jacket is an unusually flexible and easy to work with low smoke, zero halogen material.


  • Low smoke zero halogen jacket
  • High flex, abrasion resistant jacket
  • Noise free design gives silent performance
  • Colour-coded cores, quick and easy to terminate
  • High-quality oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors
  • Rated to 500V AC
  • Complies with fire regulations for public installation

Rated to 500V AC for commercial install
CS contractor series cable is rated for use up to 500V AC making it completely safe to use in many applications and situations.

Easy to terminate 
To make CS easy to work with the cores are colour-coded and the conductors stranded to thread into binding posts and terminate in connectors easily, quickly and without fraying.

Durable and flexible LSZH jacket
LSZH materials can be hard to work with. They can be really stiff, like drain rods, or so soft they can be cut through easily, even pulling another cable alongside one can damage the insulation.  This LSZH jacket is a specialised compound chosen to make it both flexible and durable.  The result is an LSZH cable that slides over rough surfaces and edges with almost no abrasion.

Tough Construction
The CS LSZH jacket can be tugged, flexed and pulled without damage.  Conductor stranding makes the cable easy to handle but is not so fine as to cause fraying and be a nuisance to terminate.  The core stranding and the use of oxygen free copper (OFC) throughout the range enhance the conductivity and sonic performance.


Conductors Stranded oxygen-free copper (OFC)
Conductor Size 1.5mm: 30 x 0.25mm
2.5mm: 50 x 0.25mm
Variants CS-1.5-2 :  1.5mm 2-core
CS-2.5-2 :  2.5mm 2-core
CS-2.5-4 :  2.5mm 4-core
CS-4.0-2 :  4.0mm 2-core
CS-4.0-4 :  4.0mm 4-core
Jacket Durable, flexible LSZH compound
Outer Diameter CS-1.5-2 :  6.2mm
CS-2.5-2 :  8.2mm
CS-2.5-4 :  10.2mm
CS-4.0-2 :  9.9mm
CS-4.0-4 :  11.5mm
Max Conductor Resistance CS-1.5-2 :  13.3 Ohm/km
CS-2.5-2 :  7.98 Ohm/km
CS-2.5-4 :  7.98 Ohm/km
CS-4.0-2 :  4.52 Ohm/km
CS-4.0-4 :  4.52 Ohm/km
Weights CS-1.5-2 :  0.064kg/m
CS-2.5-2 :  0.113kg/m
CS-2.5-4 :  0.149kg/m
CS-4.0-2 :  0.128kg/m
CS-4.0-4 :  0.223kg/m
Reel Sizes 100m and 500m
Colours Black 
CS-1.5-2 also available in white