Professional Audio

MTR Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of professional audio products used in recording, radio and television studios, by musicians live on stage, in audio installations, in schools, and by PA hire companies.

We have been established for 30 years and are located just to the north of London, England. We manufacture and distribute the MTR brand, a range of ‘problem-solvers’ including active and passive DI boxes, headphone amps and splitters, phantom power supplies, multiway keyboard power supplies, and acoustic foam panels. We distribute worldwide the versatile RaxX system of uniquely expandable 19″ installation racking, and the McGregor Amplification range of mixer-amps, power amps, speakers, disco/karaoke, and installation mixers and zoners.

We distribute the superb A-Designs Audio American-made valve and solid state mic pre’s and install products, including the Pacifica mic-pre, REDDI valve DI box and HAMMER valve E.Q. We also supply chassis speakers/drivers from Celestion, Precision Devices and Fane, and top quality ATM cables, multicores and looms.

We are proud to distribute the best digital wireless system in the world for guitar and bass from the Dutch company stageClix – superbly designed and made, and SO much better than analogue systems with their tone-destroying companders and hopeless bandwidth. Microphone/beltpack version is now available for brass, woodwind and lavalier presentations.

Our latest addition is the highly respected Galaxy Audio from the USA – featuring the latest powered version of the world-famous HotSpot personal monitor; the Cricket (the best cable and polarity tester ever) and the Checkmate Sound Pressure Level meter – stay ahead of the Noise Police!

  • A-Designs Audio
  • Celestion Chassis Speakers