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McGregor Amplification

McGregor Amplification has been manufacturing in the UK for over 35 years, with a range comprising 1 to 8 channel mono and stereo PA mixer-amps, power amps, 16 installation mixers and mixer-amps, 4 zoners, disco systems for CD’s, vinyl and karaoke, speaker cabs and powered speaker systems.  Recently, a range of amps and combos has been added for the bass guitar/double bass player. Quality and reliability are important here, and the products are under an almost constant design review, with improvements added wherever possible.

The product line-up includes Mixer-Amps ranging from ‘easy to operate’ models suitable for use in aerobics classes and small installations in clubs, pubs and houses of worship, up to 1,300 watt stereo multichannel versions. There are three ranges of Power Amplifiers of increasing sophistication in power levels and facilities.  Disco/Karaoke and Media Players are covered, with models ideal for laptop DJ’s.

A very wide range of 100 watt to 1,200 watt Speaker Systems is available, options include 100 volt line transformers, soft covers and flightcases.

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