Professional Audio

The V12 Mixer-Amplifier – Discontinued



If your on stage needs do not exceed four mics and four stereo line inputs, why use a mixer?   The V12 mixer amplifier provides all the essential features without a surplus of unused knobs, unused channels – and the inevitably greater size and weight.

The V12 series provides up to 1,300 watts of power in only 2U of rack space!!  It’s genuinely user friendly and features a very high quality, built-in low noise variable speed digital effects processor.

The three power ratings are:  V12-500 (250 + 250 watts,  4Ω).  V12-1000 (500 + 500 watts, 4Ω).  V12-1300 (650 + 650 watts, 4Ω)


  • Mic channels 1 to 4 have Low Z mic inputs balanced on XLR and unbalanced on 6.35mm jacks, volume, bass, middle, treble, aux and digital effects send, all on rotary controls, and a PPI led
  • Channels 5 and 6 provide four stereo line inputs (two per channel with separate level controls) and each channel has volume, bass, middle and treble
  • Separate overall master volume controls for channel A & B with stereo / mono push switch
  • 12 variable-delay digital effects selected by up / down keys with dual colour led programme indicators
  • Overall mix level and variable delay control on all effects
  • Effects include spring line reverb, hall reverb, rev and delay, delay, one shot delay, also chorus, and flange with and without reverb
  • Effects muting is footswitch controlled with a blue led status indicator
  • Aux inputs are via RCA phono sockets on the rear panel
  • Aux send and stereo return is via 6.35mm jacks on the rear panel
  • Active clip limiter is internally configurable from off to max
  • Fan cooled with low noise proportional speed fan
  • Soft start, thermal trip, and mains inrush limiter
  • Speakon speaker sockets

Mic inputs:   Balanced or unbalanced 3k3 – 5mV
Line inputs:   Unbalanced >22k – 200mV
Line output:   Unbalanced < 10k – 775mV (0dB)
Headroom:  +22dB.  PPI’s active @ +19dB
Low:  ± 15dB @ 50Hz, shelved ±
Mid :  ± 8dB @ 680Hz (if fitted)
High:  ± 15dB @ 12kHz, shelved
V12 DSP – 24 bit – 12 variable delay equivalent to 120 programmes

Power Output R.M.S.:   As stated above
@ 1KHz into 4 OHMS – 70 % into 8 ohms
Frequency Response:   20 Hz – 25 kHz ± 0.5dB
T.H.D.@ rated power:   <0.02% @ 1 kHz
Signal to noise ratio:   Better than 100 dB
Channel Separation:   Better than 60 dB
Thermal Protection:   90 deg C (V12 & PA series)
D/C Protection:  ± 32V (V12 & PA series)
Short circuit protection:   V12 and PA 6series
Clip Limiter:   Internal, off to max required threshold
Input Sensitivity:  775 mV / 0dBu
Input Impedance:  10K + 10K
Soft start:   All models
Damping Factor:   Better than 400
Slew Rate:   40V/uS
Mains Inrush Limiting:   500 + 500 W upwards
Mains Input Power:   230V ± 10% 50-60Hz

V12-500 DIMENSIONS:- 483 x 290  x 89  – 12.0Kg.
V12-1000 DIMENSIONS:- 483 x 290 x 89 – 13.0Kg.
V12-1300 DIMENSIONS:- 483 x 290 x 89  – 14.0Kg.