Professional Audio

LF Range Subs


The LF range of subs can be used to extend bass response and increase low frequency sound pressure with existing full range cabinets or with the McGregor FR range of speakers.

The new LF range has two way crossovers fitted as standard that permit parallel connection (4 ohm load) or a two way crossover configuration (8 ohm load).

Simply connect the additional speaker to the correct terminals on the link speakon as instructed on the rear speaker terminal plate.

Recommended permutations for the best sounding solutions are shown below:LF12 subs, best with FR10 / 350 OR FR12 / 450 speakers LF15 subs, best with FR12 / 450 for singers or FR15 / 500 for DJ use LF18 subs, FR12 / 450 BUT best with FR12 / 500Select for application, power handling, size and budget.

If in doubt consult your dealer for full technical backup for installation use please ring the factory technical backup if in doubt.

Model Dimensions Impedance Weight Configure Power X-over Response SPL
LF12/450 391X436X468 8 ohm 20 Kgs 12″ 450W 150 Hz 97dB 50Hz – 400Hz
LF15/500 480X536X508 8ohm 24Kgs 15″ 500W 150Hz 98dB 45Hz – 400Hz
LF18/750 600X700X530 8ohm 36Kgs 18″ 800W ACTIVE 98dB 40Hz – 350Hz