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User Guides

On this page are links to the User Guides for both our current range, and older, discontinued products.

CURRENT PRODUCTS                                             

DC-412 4 output hi-current 12v DC power supply

DC-8DUAL  8 output dual polarity 9v DC power supply

DI-1 and DI-2P single and dual channel passive DI boxes                

DI-3 and DI-2 single and dual active DI boxes

HPA-6  Six channel Headphone Amp 

HPA-2  Two channel Headphone Amp

PPS-248 and PPS-48  Two channel and four channel phantom power supply

PS-4 & PS-8   Stereo jack 4 way and 8 way splitters.  No guide, just plug in!

PS-4v & PS-8v  Stereo jack 4 & 8 way splitters with 2/4 volume controls.  No guide, just plug in!


DC-412  4 output hi-current 12v DC power supply

DC-8    8 output 9v DC keyboard power supply unit

DC-8DP   8 output dual polarity 9v DC keyboard psu

DC-8DPR   8 output regulated dual polarity 9v DC power supply

DI-3GT   Ultra Active Isolated DI Box

DI-6M   6 channel active DI box/mixer

DNG-One  Stereo Noise GateMan PB-96 one page

GB-2  Gain Brain  pre-amp

GE-1515   15 band stereo graphic equaliser

OR-10 Open 19″ Rack

PB-96 Patchbay

RMS-3  19″ Rack Shelf Kit for non-rack products

SLM-82   8 channel stereo line mixer

SPA-200 and SPA-400b   power amps

SPA-200/400/800b   power amps

Man_6_4_2 series 2 one page   4 track 6 chan mixer

12/8/2 and 16/8/2 Series 2   8 track mixer

12/12/8/2 and 16/16/8/2   Series 3 8 track mixer

12/2 and 16/2  Series 2 stereo mixer


McGregor General Operating Instructions
Please note: McGregor does not have individual user guides,
but instead offer the above generalised instructions.