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A-Designs Audio

A-DESIGNS AUDIO is an American company which develops and manufactures high quality equipment for the audio industry professional or pro-audio installer, hand-crafted with a commitment to quality without compromise.

The range includes solid state and all-valve microphone preamps and e.q’s, compressors, channel strips, a summing mixer, passive audio line level controllers, and a world-famous valve DI box.

A-Designs Audio boasts a combined total of 60+ years in Pro-Audio engineering, marketing, sales and service experience.  This lean, effective California based enterprise operates with precision and control, keeping costs to the consumer as attractive as possible while making products which really do offer the utmost in pro performance, features, and usability.  Independent proof of this is provided by the extraordinary number of highly positive reviews over the last 5 years.

Innovativeness and creativity fuel this process, while straightforward contact with customers and audiences helps “keep them real”.  Their objective is to provide you with the best possible audio products built on solid technology for superlative performance in your studio, stage, or standalone applications.  Their motto, “Quality Without Compromise”, expresses a commitment to the highest standards, augmented with creativity and the promise of friendly professional service – from real people!

All products are field tested before release by professionals in “real-world” working environments, and put through a punishing test routine. This guarantees the dependability and reliability needed in a working environment.

A-DESIGNS AUDIO – a range of hand-crafted products, perfectly engineered, quality-manufactured, and supported with the highest level of service.

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