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KGB Series Instrument Pre-Amplifiers


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Dual Channel Instrument Preamp

Note – this product is only available with a 110 volt external power supply, NOT 230 volts.

This is a single-ended, high input impedance, discrete audio pre-amp designed for high impedance, unbalanced outputs such as: guitar, bass guitar, and electronic keyboards.  Just as a low impedance, balanced pre-amp is needed  for use with microphones, a pre-amplifier design for unbalanced high impedance instruments is also required.  The KGB Series contains high voltage, discrete op-amps with superb quality balanced output transformers made by Cinemag, Inc.  The KGB-II is a two-channel, solid state unit that allows use of both channels for stereo recordings or live performances.  This makes a good A-Designs KGB II front panelmarriage with stereo out instruments like keyboards or stereo guitar pickups.  And for guitarists and  bass players, there is  the added freedom of swapping between two instruments in a live performance, simply by picking up the other bass/guitar and start playing with no delay between songs.

GENERAL FEATURES: – All Metal Chassis – Milled Aluminum Knobs – Balanced XLR Gold Pin Neutrik Outputs – Switchcraft 1/4″ Input Jacks – Bipolar Electrolytic Capacitors – 1% Metal Resistors – Blue Led Power Indicator – 4 Rubber Feet – Heat Vents

A Designs KGB II rearKGB-II Features: – Two Discrete Inputs with Thru – Gain Select Switches for each channel – High/Low – Phase Reverse Switch for each channel – Gain Lift Switch – External Power Transformer for a very low Noise Floor.

APPLICATIONS:– Output to Line-In to FOH or Stage Monitors.– Output to Line-In on a Recording Console.– Output to Input of Digital Audio Converters.– Output to Power Amplifiers.– Both devices provide a Balanced, Line-Level +4db Output, which allows for bypass of the typical DI, Microphone Preamplifier and other input stages.


Single Channel Instrument Preamp with E.Q.

Note – this product is only available with a 110 volt external power supply, NOT 230 volts.

The KGB-Itf (that stands for Tone Filters) is a mono unit, with the same general features (see above) of the KGB-II, but includes three tone controls: High, Mid, and Bass.
A Designs KGB Itf front

KGB 1tf Features:– Single Discrete Input with Through socket  –  High/Low Gain Select Switch   –  Phase Reverse Switch  –  Ground Lift Switch  –  External Power Transformer for a very low Noise Floor  – Three band fixed frequency equaliser with 12db cut/boost,  High/Mid/Low.


S/N:  Better than 90db (shorted input)
Output:  Xfmr Balanced +4 @ 600 ohms
Power:  20VAC (rated) 22-27VAC (unloaded)
External, +/-24VDC Internal
Gain: Low = 70db, High = 90db (2Khz source @.775V)
Gain:  Low = 35db, High = 60db (2Khz source @
Sensitivity: Lower than .09mv
External Power Supply: 110VAC only