Professional Audio

Galaxy Audio Pricing

PA-6BT HOTSPOT Powered Hotspot: Bluetooth. Compact 170 watt PA/Personal Monitor.  2-way system, 1 x 6.5″: LF neodymium woofer, 1 x HF 1.5″ neodymium tweeter, Class D power amp; freq response: 80Hz-18kHz, three band EQ, two XLR/1/4″ combo inputs, pass thru/splitter on each channel, 1/8″ stereo input on Chan 2, line out, integrated handle, weighs 2.9 kilos £378.78
HS7 HOTSPOT Unpowered, 2 x 5″ neo FerroFluid drivers, 2 x Speakon/1/4″ combo parallel inputs, vol control, , mic stand mountable, 150Hz-18kHz, 200w continuous, 92dB sens/126 max, weight 2 kilos, 19 x 30 x 16 cm £199.13
MSPA5 MICROSPOT – new Powered Microspot, 100 watts, 1 x 5″, 160Hz to 20kHz, 88dB sens. Inputs: 1 bal 1/4″, one bal XLR, one 1/8″ stereo summing.   2 band eq, compressor, +48V phantom, 20 db pad, includes stand/wall mount bracket £298085
MS5 MICROSPOT Unpowered Microspot, 100 watts RMS, 150Hz – 15kHz, SPL 113dB, 1 x 5″ ceramic 16 ohm driver, 2 parallel input jacks, 7 position vol control, includes mic/wall bracket, SA-1 safety cable, rubber feet, Hardware, 16 x 15 x 19 cm, 1.82 kilos £106.83
Active 25 watts, 1 x 3″ speaker, 150-17kHz, 2 band eq, 1 x XLR/Jack combi in, 1/8th summing stereo in, 20dB pad, SPL 101.5dB, 24v phantom, compressor, power and signal leds, includes psu & stand mount bracket, 127mm x 108mm x 114mm, 0.8 Kilos £183.50
MBA Mic boom adapter, mounts on top of the PA6S, PA6SR,and HS7, allows most mic booms (3/8″ & 1/2″) to be mounted on top of the unit. £13.30
SAYB10-0 Wall mount yoke bracket kit for PA6S, PA6SR, & HS7, black £32.97
SAYBSA10-0 Stand mount yoke bracket kit for PA6S, PA6SR, & HS7, black or white £32.97
SM-BS Anti-shock microphone base, accepts XLR gooseneck, XLR output, 12×12.5x4cm, 1.2 Kilos, zinc die-cast. Also with switch/phantom £76.00
LSR38 LIFE SAVER Unique doughnut-shaped sand/water-filled bag to stabilise mic/speaker/lighting stands.  Won’t slide off, weighs 17.23 kg when filled with sand (not included!) and 9.97 kg filled with water.  Particularly effective when used to stabilize a mic stand with a boom. £46.96
SDB40 SADDLE BAG Saddlebag-shaped (dual wing) durable reinforced vinyl bag to stabilise speaker/keyboard/lighting/camera stands that may be top-heavy.  Fill with water or sand.  Also great as a long mic boom counterweight in a studio. £59.17
GCPTS Cricket The ultimate Polarity/Continuity test set, easy to use 2 module send-and-receive, internal mic in receiver, internal speaker in send unit, tests balanced and unbalanced cables up to 610 metres (2,000 feet) in length, drives speakers directly, includes 2 x 9v batteries.  Save hours of troubleshooting. £146.08
SM-BS Antishock microphone base, die-cast zinc, accepts XLR Gooseneck, XLR Output, 4.72″ x 4.9″ x 1.57″, 1.2Kilos £81.04
CM-150 CheckMate Handheld SPL meter – stay ahead of the Noise Police!  Battery-powered, 30-130dB range, resolution 0.1dB, backlit display, RS-232 Interface, IEC 651 Type II, ANSI S1.4 Type II. Includes carrying case, calibration screwdriver, manual, 9-volt battery and windscreen. £264.83
S5N-8 Replacement driver for HS7 HS7 replacement speaker, Neolite 5”, 4 ohms, 150Hz-18kHz, 200w £76.08
SW6.5 Replacement driver PA6S/BT PA-6S & BT replacement speaker, Neolite 6.5” woofer, 4 ohm 50-8kHz, 155w £123.76
STN1.5 Replacement tweeter for PA6S/BT 1.5” tweeter for PA-6BT & 6S.  Neolite Titanium Dome, 8 ohms, 60w, 1kHz-20kHz £66.25