Professional Audio

MTR Audio

HPA-6 6 channel stereo headphone amp, 1u, 2 stereo main & 1 stereo Aux in, peak leds, bass/treble e.q., mono button.  (min 20 pcs) 444.70
DI-3 Active DI Box, ground lift, 3 way attenuation, PP3 battery/phantom power/external 9v DC 88.28
DI-2 As DI-3 but two channels, can also be used as a balanced mic splitter 110.14
DI-1 Passive DI Box, twin transformers, ground lift 68.68
DI-2P Passive 2 channel direct injection box, as above 103.42
PPS-248 2 channel 48 volt phantom power supply, mains powered (min 25 pcs) 176.40
PPS-48 4 channel 48 volt phantom power supply, mains powered (min 25 pcs) 242.09
PS-4 Passive 1 in 4 out stereo jack splitter, rubber feet, for headphones etc. 43.83
PS-435 As PS-4 but mini-jack version, 3.5mm jack output sockets and 1m captive 3.5mm jack input lead.    (min 25 pcs) 62.08
PS-4V As PS-4 with a volume control on channels 1 and 4. (min 25 pcs) 61.62
PS-8 Passive 1 in 8 out stereo jack splitter  (min 25 pcs) 78.79
PS-8V As PS-8 with 4 volume controls, one each on chans 1,4,5, and 8 100.26
AL-22S 200mm cable splitter, 1 stereo 6.3mm jack plug to 2 stereo 6.3mm jack sockets 12.93
DC-8DUAL 8 output 9v DC power supply for multi-keyboards, Yamaha or Casio polarity, includes 8 x 3metre DC-DC leads 163.99
Casio AD95 Alternative leads for new Casio keyboards using AD-95 or AD 5 power supply and Yamaha polarity, when bought with DC-8DUAL 12.11
HPA-2 2 channel stereo headphone amp, 1 main and 1 Aux input (min 20 pcs) 199.05