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A-Designs Audio Pricing

 With the £ to $ exchange rate so volatile, these prices can go up or down.  Please email us at for today’s price.

                                                A-Designs Audio – from 1st Dec 2021                     £ inc VAT

“Pacifica” Mic Pre 1U stereo, custom in/out transformers, balanced in/out, phase, 20dB pad, 48v phantom, frequency response 9Hz-101kHz, (!!) 72dB gain 2,179.62
MP-2A Stereo Mic Pre 2U stereo valve pre, EF86 inputs, 6N1P outputs, Jensen input/custom output transformers, 60dB gain, VU, phantom, polarity, phase, pad, 4 selectable tone switches 2,653.25
“Ventura” Pre/EQ 1U, mic, instrument and e.q./insert inputs, 3 band parametric, ±30 VDC rails 2,180.10
KGB – II High impedance 2 channel instrument pre-amp for guitar, bass, and electronic keyboards.  Cinemag transformers, balanced line-level +4db output, swap between two instruments in a live performance.   NOTE – This is only available with a 110 volt external power supply, NOT 230 volts 902.46
KGB – Itf
As KGB II but mono, plus 3 band e.q.  NOTE – This is only available with a 110 volt external power supply, NOT 230 volts 902.46
“HAMMER 2” 2U 2 channel valve equaliser, low, mid & high ±13dB, bypass, lo & hi cut switch 2,378.84
HM-2 “NAIL” 2U 2 channel 3 band hybrid valve (12AT7’s) tracking/buss compressor, Mix control for parallel compression, Hard Threshold, Lo Cut Filter, Variable Ratio, stereo link, hard bypass, conductive plastic pots 2,687.53
“Mix Factory”™ 2u 16 channel (2×8) summing mixer, 2 x D-subs summing to stereo out. Continuous gain, pan, and mute/sig indicator. 2 master gains 1-8 & 9-16, 1 Grand Master Gain. Cinemag tx’s.  Linkable. 3,007.16
P-1 Vertical module for API Series 500 ‘Lunchbox’ Racks.  Mic pre, phantom, pad, phase, DI in, based on the Pacifica 953.63
EM Silver Currently discontinued.  
EM Red Currently discontinued.  
EM Blue Currently discontinued.  
EM Gold Currently discontinued.  
EM PEQ Lunchbox module, based on Pultec EQP-1A: 3 frequency high attenuation, 7 frequency parametric mid, 4 frequency lo boost/cut 1,262.63
EM-EQ2 new 2 channel 2U rack-mount version of the EM PEQ above 2,436.42
503HR Discontinued.  
REDDI The ultimate valve DI box, 6N1P, jack/XLR input, 16dB gain, 20-60kHz ± 3dB, link out, ground lift 1,124.28
REDDI V2 Two REDDI’s in a 2u, 19” rackmount box – the ultimate studio D.I. box! 1,513.57
Atty Passive stereo line level controller/attenuator, dual in/out XLR’s, mute button 135.88