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1. BBT-W01: Convert any wired microphone to wireless operation!


1a. Bluebird BBT-W02 2.4G Wireless Microphones

Bluebird BBT-W02 receiverVery good quality two channel digital wireless system with two mics, never used. £100.00

Transmission frequency 2400-2480 MHz, 32 channels. 
Completely digital transmission, high anti-interference capability. 
Sampling rate: 38.4K at 16bit ; Frequency Response: 50-19KHz. 
HD-CD sound quality. 
Very low latency, under <5ms. 
Automatic ID pairing.
Rechargeable (supplied) or dry battery for wireless microphones
LCD screen displays signal status, channels and frequency.
Bluebird BBT-W02 Rear panel
Dual channel receiver design, includes two microphones. 
Flexible design, easy to use, convenient to install.

Bluebird wireless mic (1 of 2)

2. 100mm Faders (Sliders)


From our days as a mixer manufacturer, we have a quantity of very good quality mono 100mm faders (sliders) for sale.  These are copies of the Alps fader design, with the control finger running on a lubricated rail or spindle, giving ultra-smooth operation.

Perfect for replacing noisy or intermittent faders on both audio and lighting consoles, the price is a very modest £2.25 plus VAT (no VAT outside the EU or with a valid VAT number), plus postage/carriage.
They are packed in fitted plastic trays of 16 pieces, with 3 trays per box, so please order in multiples of 16 (or boxes of 48).

100mm fader

The nominal value is ‘A10K’ Logarithmic.  Please note we do not have any Linear versions, which would be what is needed for MIDI control applications. The fixing centres are 120mm apart, fixing screws and knobs are not supplied.

Among many other mixers, these are a direct replacement for the Peavey AMR (Audio Media Research) range including 800, the 1600, and the 2400 models, and should work in the Peavey Mark VIII line.  Also Allen & Heath GL2000 and, with minor modifications, the Hill Multimix. Our grateful thanks to Johan Sorscha from Holland, who has written a superb step-by-step guide with photographs on how to upgrade a Hill Multimix with these faders. Download HERE

Fader 6

To order:

3.  Control Knobs

Knobs 2Knobs 5

Control Knob dimensions

Also available are a quantity of control knobs.  

They are two-shot polypropylene push-on type, with a splined internal fit, a black  body, and a top and side pointer in various colours.  The colours available are yellow, grey, green, blue and red.

The base diameter is 15mm, the height (including pointer) is 15mm, shaft height 12mm. Price £0.50 each.

Note: We also have a few 18-0-18 power supplies left for MTR Series III stereo and 8 track mixing desks.

. ARX Systems Signal Processors



5.  Martin Professional Lighting/Flightcase

Left over from when we used to handle Martin Lighting – one plywood/fibre case for Martin DJ lights, but could be used for anything.  Foamed interior, metal handles, and snap catches.  Exterior dimensions are 19″ x 11″ x 12″.

case_martin_big     martin_big_inside

From our Good Advice Department: never try to baptize a cat.

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