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REDDI Valve Direct Injection Box

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(Almost certainly) the Finest DI on the Market    Superb Valve Character


The number of A-Designs REDDIs in use on stages and in studios all over the world, is nothing short of staggering.  Quite simply, there just is no better sounding way to convert an instrument or line level signal to XLR.  Designed with the help of world class studio engineers and bass players, REDDI has been widely adopted by engineers and bassists all over the world as the best-sounding DI solution on the market today.

It is important to note that the REDDI is not a high-gain device!  Its gain structure has been painstakingly engineered to avoid the slightest compromise in sound quality.  Inspired by the glorious sound of the Ampeg B-15 valve bass amp, REDDIs 6N1-P valve-driven amplifier feeds its signal directly into a hefty custom output transformer by Cinemag – a key component to providing a harmonically rich tone.  REDDI’S extremely wide frequency range (20Hz to 60kHz) prevents in-band phase shift, resulting in outstanding detail and realism.  Another major benefit of its wide bandwidth is the prevention of LF phase shift by maintaining a linear response extending below the audible bass range, insuring a full and really natural sound.

A-Designs REDDI InteriorREDDI’S distinctive bright red steel chassis sports a front-panel Neutrik XLR/¼” jack combi input (try plugging a mic into it), a balanced XLR output, and a ¼” thru-put link out, for sending your signal to a bass amp – not only useful for live applications, but also for simultaneously recording direct and miked amp tracks in the studio.  A 0-16dB level control and a bright blue LED power indicator complete the front panel.  On the back panel are heavy-duty toggle switches for power and ground lift, along with the IEC power outlet.

The REDDI’s all-valve circuitry will enhance the character of any electrified instrument run through it – not just bass!  Plug the pickup of an acoustic guitar through REDDI to enhance the depth and fullness of its tone.  Capture and improve all the richness and life of an electric piano or analogue synthesizer.  Warm up sterile sounding digital keyboards or drum machines by strapping a REDDI across their output – or the new REDDI V2 rackmount for stereo!  The uses are literally endless….but don’t just take our word for it.  Here are a few comments from just a few of the people who actually use it:

My Favorite Tone

Verified purchase

Jan 24, 2019

This is as close as to perfect as there is.  Everyone reacts immediately to the TONE.  It does one thing but it does that amazingly well.  This DI is a no brainer as a bass DI, an ideal sound.  I have a Demeter preamp, SWR Grand Prix, SWR Interstellar Overdrive, SWR Redhead.  The closest to the REDDI is the tube DI in Redhead.  I have also used this as a guitar DI, sending the output of the pedal board straight to the REDDI and then on to the mixing board.  The magic is the same for guitar, warmth and detail all in the same package.

Mark F.

  • Reviewer Avatar

    Ricardo R.

    BASS DI Staple

    Aug 28, 2018

    I’ve been using the REDDI for 10 years now. I do have other DI’s that also sound great however I find myself always coming back to the REDDI. For me the magic of this DI is that it sounds and feels most like a bass amp running thru Nearfields. Its not transparent but personally I find transparent boring on a bass. I do like color and the color the REDDI adds is perfect because its a typical bass amp style color. Sounds great with passive and active basses and if you run a quality compressor before or after the REDDI then you will be in sonic heaven.

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      Justin W.

      Absolutely Incredible

      Verified purchase

      Jun 8, 2018

      Everything you’ve heard is true. The only regret I have is not buying it sooner.

      pic of Dishan Abrahams with A-Designs REDDI valve DI box

      Dishan Abrahams & his REDDI

      pic of Paul Turner and his REDDI

      Paul Turner and his REDDI











“The sound of the REDDI all-tube direct box on my bass and guitars is dramatic. When people come in and listen, they just go “WOW what’s that? What did you do to get that sound?” “It not only delivers on bass and keys, but just out and out kills on acoustic guitars with pickups. It puts something on the sound that makes them jump and be present in the mix without that “electric-type” sound.”

Ted Perlman, Grammy Award-winning producer, engineer, musician (Bob Dylan, Chicago, Elton John, Burt Bacharach).

“Now, the REDDI is my favorite DI and definitely my go-to on bass.”

Dylan Dresdow (Black Eyed Peas), Grammy Award nominee, TEC Award nominee, engineer.

“If it needs to be really clean, then I’ll just use the REDDI.”

Viktor Krauss, bassist for Lyle Lovett

“I didn’t use an amp at all. I used only the REDDI and it sounded really, really nice.”

Justin Meldal-Johnsen, bassist with Beck

“The New REDDI DI from A Designs kicks ass…”

Ross Hogarth, Grammy Award-winning producer, engineer, mixer.

Reviews on Amazon

HASH(0x8d2c957c) out of 5 stars Best Bass sound I’ve heard in a live music setting 13 Sept. 2010
By JJ Published on

I recently used the RedDi at one venue. I plugged my active 5 string bass through the RedDi box. The output went directly to the sound board and to the subwoofer. When the bass was played every head turned around to see who was playing the bass.


HASH(0x8d270d50) out of 5 stars The reviews are right. 11 May 2016
By Nick W Published on
Pretty much every review of this box is dead on. It is very good, and sounds vintage. If you are only a bass player, and love the old ampeg sound, this is for you.
HASH(0x8d54cd98) out of 5 stars Works great, sounds better. 15 May 2015
By Shorebreak Church Published on
Verified Purchase

I have been doing sound for 15 years, we are using this instead of a bass cab for church and it sounds amazing! I have so much control and it sounds warm.


HASH(0x8d1583a8) out of 5 stars The best bass DI I’ve heard so far 31 Oct. 2013
By bigtoestudios Published on
Verified Purchase
This sounds like the bass tone in your head. It distorts the low-end just a touch like all the old records we have listened to forever. It is based on an old Ampeg B-15 and I think it does an amazing job at that. Nice fat round bass tone in a box. I want to run other things through it because it has more gain than I thought it would but haven’t done that yet…the bass tone is all there though so I’m very happy.

Here’s a link to a couple of very good video A/B comparisons