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REDDI V2 Two Channel Rackmount Valve Direct Inject Box



All the goodness of the worlds favourite valve Direct Injection Box, but twice as delicious – because there’s two of them – and they both live in a 19″ rack-mount case!A-Designs_REDDI V2 Front

Put a stereo Fender Rhodes Suitcase through this and drool!

After the genuinely remarkable success of their single-channel, standalone REDDI valve Direct Box, A-Designs now offers the dual-channel REDDI v2 model in a 19″ 2U rack mountable cabinet.  With exactly the same circuitry as the REDDI, the v2 model uses a single 6N1P dual triode tube for each channel along with a gigantic, custom-wound Cinemag output transformer.

Inside the all-steel case is an overspecified toroidal transformer within a shielded and regulated AC power supply section, with both valves solidly mounted in ceramic sockets.  The front panel has a Switchcraft ¼-inch Thru jack, gold-pinned Neutrik XLR output and Combo input jacks, and the rear panel has a fused IEC mains power connector and a ground lift switch.

With the same great sound as the original REDDI unit, it’s 1 meg-Ohm input impedance does not change the sound of guitars like a Fender Strat by loading down its delicate passive pickups.

With a rack-mounting REDDI, it is easier than ever to hook up and use, and its two channel format opens up the possibilities for using as a direct box with synths and electronic keyboards too.