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Loudspeakers – FR Range


This range of speaker cabinets represents exceptional value, providing excellent results with both music and vocal material.  Clear transparent highs and well defined vocals are combined with clean punchy bass, giving these cabinets a clearly audible superiority over many similar looking products.  The tuning of the cabinets combined with well designed crossovers also contribute to thier high performance.

All cabinets within this range are trapezoidal shaped and are painted with a black texturised paint. All cabinets have standard 8 ohm impedance. The FR series are all fitted with 35mm top hats as standard but tilt and swivel brackets for wall mounting are available.

FR12-400_1FR8 / 225

Although the McGregor FR8 / 225 was primarily used as the mid / hi driver in the Mytek 210 two way system it can be used as a full range cabinet up to its full range 225 Watts rating.

This speakers brilliant vocal reproduction combined with crystal clear top end make it the perfect choice for hi spec installation work especially when combined with a the Mytek or LF series subs.

PS8-225FR10 / 350

The McGregor FR10 / 350 is a multi-purpose full range cabinet utilising a high power 10″ driver coupled to a carefully designed bass reflex cabinet and includes a 1″ horn driver for exceptional top end response.

Although extremely impressive as a full range speaker, it is ideal as the mid / hi driver in a two way system. The incredibly smooth frequency response the FR10 / 350 makes a compact, stylish and reliable front of house solution when space is at a premium.

PS10-350_3FR12 / 450

The McGregor FR12 / 450 is a stunningly competent full range multi-purpose loudspeaker.

Combining a carefully selected high efficiency 12″ driver with the crystal clear top end response of a 1″ horn driver it produces a remarkably flat frequency response that is equally at home re-producing the subtleties of your finest vocals as it is thrashing out the latest dance beats.

FR15-500FR15 / 500

The McGregor FR15 / 500 is the largest full range loudspeaker in the range giving outstanding performance for a single box system.

Utilising a high efficiency reflex loaded 15″ driver combined with a 1″ horn driver via a carefully designed two way crossover, this cabinet gives an incredibly flat frequency response which makes it ideal for all music styles.

Model Dimensions Weight Configure Power X-over Response SPL Connections
FR8 / 225 420X290X250 8Kgs 8″ & HORN 225W 2K5Hz 70HZ-20KHz 96dB SPEAKON
FR10 / 350 505X340X320 14Kgs 10″ & HORN 350W 2K5Hz 65Hz-20KHz 97dB SPEAKON
FR12 / 450 590X400X380 18Kgs 12″ & HORN 400W 2K5Hz 63Hz-20KHz 97dB SPEAKON
FR15 / 500 650X480X380 23Kgs 15″ & HORN 500W 2K5Hz 58Hz-20KHz 98dB SPEAKON