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Bassmate Amplifiers / Combo


The McGregor range of bass amplification provides all the features required to support your talent.  We don’t offer a new lifestyle or a new image with these products, simply a product designed for a long and creative trouble free life.  The tonal qualities, input options and extended headroom distinguish these amplifiers as exceptional products and the speakers reproduce your chosen sound with effortless precision and accuracy.
The amplifier includes a rear panel line input and level control, for those that want to practice to a backing track or simply expand the system, and is ideal for musicians looking for a compact and powerful amplifier solution.

Uniquely, these amplifiers also are suitable for double bass, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and even cellos and violins, as they feature a balanced XLR microphone input with switchable phantom power, as well as a conventional high impedance instrument input.  The tonal palette is further widened with Active, Retro and deep push switch selection on all models.

The MOSFET CLASS AB amplifier with active clip limiter and proportional speed fan (spins only as fast as needed) ensures a high quality clean sound is delivered to the speaker system at all times.

The Bassmate Amplifier is a self contained unit, and when fitted to the combo, can be easily removed  for alternative use.   The 10” driver and HF unit fitted to the combo provide quite exceptional results thanks to the built-in, skilfully designed two way crossover that operates at 12dB  per octave.

Features include
*  Passive input (1 Meg ohm ) is via the 6.3mm jack socket
*  Active input (10K ohm) is push switch selected and has an led status indicator
*  The Retro button provides that old style sound!
*  Mic / Pickup input is via the XLR socket and has a switchable phantom supply and led status indicator
*  The comprehensive four band EQ is centred on the following  frequencies:
Low  ±12dB @ 50 Hz
Low Mid  ±10dB @ 360 Hz
Hi Mid  ±10dB @ 1K8 Hz
High  ±14dB @ 10K Hz
*   LF Filter, variable between 50-150 Hz @ 18dB / Octave
*   Parametric EQ, 245Hz – 4K5Hz +8 to -12dB.  Footswitch or front panel switchable with led status indicator
*   Input Gain and Master Volume control and a convenient push-switch Mute with led indicator
*   Peak Programme Indicator LED shows onset of overdrive distortion
*   FX send and return loop 6.3mm jacks on the rear panel
*   Tuner out on a 6.3mm jack mounted on the rear panel
*   DI output is via a balanced line XLR socket on the front panel
*   Class AB mosfet amp with proportional speed fan & active clip limiter ensure the best possible sound quality

Product Options
Bassmate 250:   2 x 250 watts 4 Ω, 175 watts 8 Ω   Dimensions 40 x 26 x 4.3 cm,  weight 7Kg
Bassmate 650:   2 x 650 watts 4 Ω, 500 watts 8 Ω   Dimensions 40 x 26 x 4.3 cm,  weight 12Kg
Bassmate Amplifiers fitted into the combo:  Dimensions 43 x 30 x 45.5 cm, weight 22Kg

Bassmate and Speaker Combo

B10 350 Speaker

B12 450 Speaker
These speakers can be used individually (8 ohm) or stacked with the combo to provide a mini stack (4 ohms)
Ideal for use with the Bassmate or Basshead amplifiers

LF / Mid Driver:  12” 97dB
HF driver: 80 degree dispersion
Frequency response:  45Hz – 20KHz -10dB
Crossover:  12dB per octave, 2 way
Power:  450 Watts
Impedance:  8 ohms
Connectors:  2 x Speakon sockets
Dimensions: 43.2 x 37.8 x 56 cm
Weight: 21Kg