Professional Audio



The SD14 Compact console is essentially for the laptop DJ and is available in three power ratings up to 650 + 650 watts per channel.  These consoles are supplied with front and rear protective lids and are about the most compact and cost effective solution for mobile use.  Four easily accessible stereo phono inputs offer quick connection to laptops, top loading CD players, iPods, and – for the vinyl enthusiasts – twin turntables.  All models include a variable speed fan-cooled  power amplifier with active clip limiter.


  • Two comprehensive mic channels with low Z mic inputs on balanced XLRs, and unbalanced inputs on 6.35mm jacks
  • Each mic channel has vol, bass, mid, treble, and vox level controls as well as vox active and PPI leds, and a mic mute switch
  • Music section has four 60mm level faders, and a seven band stereo graphic equalizer with carefully selected frequencies
  • X fade operates on on all music channels without the need to user assign
  • Full headphone and VU monitoring with split cue facility
  • Booth and master output level controls and a stereo / mono push switch
  • Console illumination with an on / off switch powers seven medium intensity blue leds
  • Additional illumination with the optional 12 volt, XLR fitting, led flexilight
  • Covers are available for the mobile user as an optional extra

Mic inputs:   Balanced or unbalanced 3k3 – 5mV
Line inputs:   Unbalanced >22k – 200mV
Line output:  unbalanced headroom +22dB. PPI’s active @ +19dB
Bass:  ± 15dB @ 50Hz, shelved
Treble:  ± 15dB @ 12kHz, shelved
Graphic equaliser:  ±15dB all bands


Power Output R.M.S. :  as stated above @ 1KHz into 4 OHMS – 70 % into 8 ohms
Frequency Response:  20 Hz – 25 kHz ± 0.5dB
T.H.D.@ rated power:   <0.02% @ 1 kHz
Signal to noise ratio:   Better than 100 dB
Channel Separation:   Better than 80 dB
Thermal Protection:   90 deg C
D/C Protection:  ± 32V
Short circuit protection: all models
Clip Limiter:  Internal, off to max required SPL
Input Sensitivity:   775 mV / 0dBu
Input Impedance:   10K + 10K
Damping Factor:   Better than 400
Slew Rate:   40V / uS
Soft Start:  ll models
Mains Inrush Limiting:  500 + 500 W upwards
Mains Input Power:  230V +/-10% 50-60Hz

SD14-500C powered console with 250+250 watt amplifier:  16Kgs.
SD14-1000C powered console with 500+500 watt amplifier:  17Kgs.
SD14-1300C powered console with 650+650 watt amplifier:  18Kgs.
Console dimensions – 509 x 477 x 140 mm – with lids fitted