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ATM Microphone Cable



ATM-MIC-BLKATM Mic has a well deserved reputation for outstanding audio performance.  Because it delivers such true sound quality it is used in studios across the world.  Its flexibility, workhorse durability and ease of handling makes ATM Mic equally popular in the touring world.

At the heart of ATM Mic’s success is its special insulation, with low capacitance and a low dielectric constant.  This material reduces losses and significantly contributes to the sonic accuracy of the cable.

The combination of advanced materials and classic design used to make this cable results in an extraordinarily flexible and durable product.  It is used by some of the best performers around the world, so you can be sure that you have the best mic cable with a track record that speaks for itself.

Producers and engineers consistently report that this cable is one of the best sounding microphone cables they have ever used.


  • High flex, extremely robust anti–kink construction, resists twists and kinks
  • Accurate audio performance with special dielectric, as studio and live engineers testify
  • Noise free design gives silent performance
  • High quality oxygen-free copper (OFC)
  • Excellent electrical performance
  • Confidence – ATM Mic is a highly respected industry classic

ATM Mic Blue_sideHigh quality performance with special insulation material
ATMIC cable has exceptionally low dielectric and capacitive loss, resulting 
in extremely good audio image and detail.  Capacitance and dielectric losses reduce clarity and kill high frequency detail – the lower these are, the better. 
The low dielectric insulation we use enhances audio quality.

Noise-free performance
‘Microphonics’ is noise caused by conductor movement in the cable.  The damping components and construction of ATM Mic helps to eliminate microphonics, and make this a particularly silent cable.

High flex, anti–kink, robust construction
Thejacket compound is durable and flexible, even in sub zero temperatures.  The construction is resistant to kinks and twisting, making the cable really easy to work with.


  • Conductors:  28/0.1 (0.22mm/sq) OFC
  • Insulation:  Processed PE
  • Construction layup:  Twist with fillers
  • Shield:  0.10mm OFC lapped copper
  • Jacket:  Soft PVC alloy
  • Overall diameter:  6.4mm
  • Impedance:  72 ohms
  • Capacitance core to core:  50pF/m @1kHz
  • Capacitance core to screen:  110pF/m @1kHz
  • Max conductor resistance:  86 ohm/km
  • Weight:  4.5kg/100m
  • Reel size:  100 and 500m
  • Colours:  Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow