Professional Audio

ATM Starquad Cable



ATM Starquad-cores ATM Starquad is a helically screened analogue signal cable developed to meet a demand for superior professional starquad microphone cable.

ATM Starquad twin pair conductors are neatly packed together and orbitally spun round each other rather than twisted together.  This reduces stress and holds conductors in ‘natural’ formation, enhancing electrical consistency and noise rejection.

Pliability and rigidity are optimised for flexing without distortion to the internal build of the cable, and so without compromise to its characteristic impedance.

The 7.0mm outer jacket diameter makes ATM Starquad suitable as a durable live, studio and installation cable or as a heavy-duty patch cable.  It fits snugly into all the usual XLR connectors.

Jacket materials are chosen to provide a durable sheath with flexibility, even in sub zero temperatures. The construction and materials prevent annoying, permanent twists forming and make ATM Starquad cable easy to work with, and to pack away.  The pliable jacket also provides a shock absorbing buffer which helps maintain a consistent impedance, an important factor in reducing microphony.


  • High flex, extremely robust anti–kink construction, easy to use
  • Double-twisted quad cores for better rejection/noise cancellation
  • Noise-free design gives silent performance
  • High quality oxygen-free copper (OFC)
  • Excellent electrical performance
  • Arctic grade jacket,  flexible down to minus 30°C

Low microphony build
Microphonics is audible interference caused by conductor movement and internal vibrations.  We use damping components and geometry to eliminate microphonics making ATM-Starquad an especially silent cable.

Low-noise construction 
Whilst microphonic interference caused by conductor movement is minimised with damping components, our ultra-twist conductor pairs provide exceptional balanced noise rejection with controlled capacitance.

ATM Starquad-blackFine-strand OFC spiral screen
The lapped screen shield provides excellent immunity from interference whilst ensuring the cable remains durable and flexes well.

High-tech construction
The secret of noiseless microphone cable is to combat both electromagnetic interference and mechanical vibration (microphony).  We use a twist technique and high grade lapp shield to reject electro-magnetic interference.  The outer jacket material is chosen for resilience and pliability but also has vibration absorbing properties.  Internal cotton fillers further reduce microphony.


Conductors:                                     28/0.1 (0.22mm/sq) OFC
Insulation:                                       Processed PE
Lay Up:                                              Twisted quad with cotton fillers
0.10mm OFC lapped copper
Soft PVC alloy
Outer Diameter:                           
7.0 mm
90 Ohms
Capacitance (core to core):       
50pF/m at 1kHz
Capacitance (core to screen):  
110pF/m at 1kHz
Max Conductor Resistance:     
86 Ohm/km
0.055kg per metre
Reel Sizes:                                       
100m and 500m