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stageClix ‘Jack’ V4 Digital Wireless System


V4 masterThe transmitter of this brand new Version 4 of  the stageClix ‘Jack’ looks and feels similar to the previous versions – a stereo jack plug, with the jack itself on an articulated knuckle so that, when plugged in, the transmitter body can be turned flush to the guitar.  This transmitter uses rechargeable Lithium-Polymer batteries (supplied) and has a battery life of at least 15 hours straight use.  When the transmitter is first plugged into the receiver’s charging port, it’s led flashes rapidly while it synchronises channels, and then flashes steadily while the batteries are recharged, 80% in 3 hours.  When fully charged, the led blinks slowly.

When you withdraw the transmitter from the charger/receiver, it is automatically switched off to prevent a possible thump as you plug it into your instrument.  The impedance is a massive 4.7 megohm, guaranteeing no loading down effect, even on pietzo pickups like NS electronic basses.

stageClix V4 Transmitter smallThe materials used for both the transmitter and receiver casings have been carefully selected and tested, and have proven to be “road proof”.  The shell of the transmitter is manufactured from indestructible polycarbonate (also used to make safety goggles), and the receiver is housed in a robust aluminium case, rackmount-ready.

The system uses an unique, patented transmitting technique which stageClix calls ‘triple-diversity’.  By using three frequencies within 1 channel at the same time there’s practically zero chance of dropout or interference.  No other wireless system offers this.

stageClix V4 display white master

The new design of the receiver has a display window showing :- the channel in current use (1 to 12), the wireless signal strength (a 4-bar meter),  the battery status (0 to 100% charged), and a 7 segment input signal VU Meter.  It also shows the Active RFI status (on/off, this reduces interference from guitar electronics or piezo pickups).

Other settings stageClix V4 display black masterparameters are display brightness, and inverted display (i.e. a black background with white symbols).  All settings are selected and altered using the large Control knob, including channel changing (1 to 12) when several systems are used simultaneously in one venue.  You can go back or cancel at any time by by pressing the back/cancel button.

stageClix V4 receiver rear small
stageClix box smallThe complete system  comprises a transmitter and receiver, an ariel and a jack-to-jack link lead.  The digital power supply (100v to 130V) has a UK 3 pin plug, plus three other changeable plug sets, enabling its use more or less anywhere in the world, perfect for the globe-trotting musician!

The whole package is housed in a robust card carton for easy transportation and quick setup.



Full Aluminium enclosure
Rackmount ready
Power 9v 1A
Frequency 5.8GHz band, 5.725GHz to %.850GHz
Sensitivity -82dBm
Bitstream audio DAC


Industrial lithium polymer battery, 950mAh
Polycarbonate housing
Frequency as receiver
RF output power 25mW
Input impedance
Input capacitance <100pF
ESD protected
No compander, bitstream audio ADC
Frequency response 10Hz to 21KHz ±3dB @ 100mVpp



stageClix ‘Jack’ V3 Digital Wireless System

Some guitarists and bassists prefer the traditional ‘wired’ sound – but for theatre, conference, presentation, houses of worship and broadcast purposes, a ‘pure’ digital sound is more appropriate.  Both are available with the stageClix ‘Jack’ V3 – simply hold the button down for more than 5 seconds, and the cable capacitance circuitry will be engaged.  Press again for 5 secs to disengage.

Are they tough enough for life on the road (literally:)?  Check these two short videos…

Link to test video of V3 transmitter
Link to test video of V3 receiver

stageClix Jack 3 tx and rcvr master

Jack V3 legacy system

The system uses an unique, patented transmitting technique which stageClix calls ‘triple-diversity’.  By using three frequencies within 1 channel at the same time there’s practically zero chance of dropout or interference.  It’s also really easy to use, there is no menu to navigate, nor an installation procedure.  Plug into the guitar, switch on, and play!

stageClix tx in useThe transmitter has been designed to fit almost all makes of bass guitars and guitars.  A nice touch is when you withdraw the transmitter from the charger/receiver, it is automatically switched off to prevent a possible thump as you plug it into your instrument.

And the whole package comes in a quality moulded briefcase with an interior foam cut-out for protection, convenience and speedy setup.


Features and Specifications, Version 3:

  • No audible delay (less than 2.4 milliseconds), an end to latency problems.
  • CD quality from 24 bit digital converters, frequency response is 20Hz-20kHz ±1dB.
  • Extremely quiet – signal to noise ratio typically 97dB.  No compander!
  • Small, light and strong – transmitter is about the size of a lighter, housed in a polycarbonate case.
  • Impedance 1.5MOhm (good even for pietzo pickups like NS basses), RF power 20mW.
  • Can be used legally worldwide, operates in the uncluttered 5.8 GHz band: 5.800GHz – 5.928GHz
  • Uses rechargeable batteries, which are (quickly) recharged when the transmitter is plugged into the receiver.  Cheaper to run, and greener.  No other digital system has this benefit.
  • Stompbox sized receiver in a rugged metal housing.  Output impedance 1kOhm, sensitivity -82dBm.  No fiddly menus – true plug’n’play.
  • Long Battery Life – 15 hours non-stop playing on one charge.  Fast charging: 1 hour charge = 4 hours playing.
  • Battery type is  Lithium Polymer – user replaceable, or old batteries can be returned to stageClix for ‘green’ disposal.  Replacements are available.
  • Virtually zero dropout – uses unique ‘Triple Diversity’ transmission, i.e. it transmits on 3 different frequencies at once in any one band.
  • Flexible and practical – 12 stageClix transmitters can be used simultaneously in one venue.
  • 50 metres range (line of sight), approx 200 feet.  Transmitter weight: 68 grammes, including batteries.
  • Digital UK power supply for receiver, 100v to 230v AC, USB plug and socket.
  • Suitable for all passive instruments – and most active ones.
stageClix Jack V3 Reciever rear small

V3 Rear Panel USB Charging Socket

jack case

V3 Foam Cutout Carrycase

Available separately:
*  Extra/spare “Jack” and “Pack” transmitters – use with the same receiver, and switch quickly
between instruments.

Spare rechargeable battery pack for the Jack (with spare decal) and the Pack.
Link to pdf of Jack battery changing guide.

Spare digital power supply.
Spare jack-to-jack link lead.
Spare moulded foamed carry-case.

stageClix spare Jack transmitter

Extra/Spare Transmitter

stageClix spare Jack Battery Pack

Spare Battery

stageClix spare power supply

Spare Power Supply

stageClix spare jack-to-jack link lead

Spare Jack-to-Jack

stageClix spare case

Spare Carry Case