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DC-8DUAL and DC-412 – Multi-Way Power Supplies for keyboards



For multi-keyboard players, teaching schools, primary and secondary school music classrooms etc., the DC-8DUAL is a safe, solid and reliable British-made unit with eight 9v DC outputs for powering Yamaha or Casio keyboards.  A current rating of 4.2 amps ensures there is ample power to drive up to 8 keyboards in one set-up.

MTR DC-8DUAL rightThis unit comes factory-set to centre pin positive polarity, which is now (2014) correct for both Yamaha and Casio keyboards – previously, Casio used the opposite polarity.  If needed, it can be changed internally to suit older Casio keyboards or other products using centre pin negative by moving two internal jumper wires.  A dual colour red/green led confirms the polarity setting.

Should a fault occur, an ‘overload’ led will illuminate, and a safety cut-out will shut down the unit.  Re-setting is automatic.

The DC-8DUAL includes eight x 3 metre DC to DC leads for Yamaha keyboards.

For schools particularly, this product and its companion below offer a far safer, more reliable and robust alternative to 8 separate “Wall-Worts” (which often don’t pass OFSTEAD inspections), remove the need – and cost – of two 4-way plug boards, and the reduction in wiring means less Health and Safety issues.  Environmentally superior, and easily fixed ‘in situ’ for security.

Please note: MTR DC plug
Although the polarity is now the same, Casio use 3 different sizes of DC plug and socket – none of which is the same as Yamaha 🙁   Custom made leads are available for keyboards which would use the AD-5 power supply at an additional charge, please specify when ordering.

If the DUAL is to be used with the new 32 key Casio SA-47 keyboards, they too will need special DC leads, which we will make for you at extra cost.  The Casio wall wort/adapter would have been the AD-95.

We can supply replacement leads for this range if needed.



MTR DC-412The DC-412 has been designed to cope with big keyboards with large LCD screens, that require a higher current and voltage.  Each of the four outputs provides 1 amp of current at 12v DC, and the unit comes complete with four 3 metre DC leads and the same current-sensing safety protection as the DC-8DUAL.



Dimensions (both models): 190 x 135 x 75mm.  Nett Weight: 2.9Kg      Minimum order for the DC-412 is 25 pcs.

Both models are suitable for the following Yamaha current and discontinued keyboards:

YPT210       YPT220 
PSRE203     PSRE213 
PSRE223      PSRE233 
PSRE243      PSRE303 
PSRE313      PSRE323 
PSRE333      PSRE343 
PSRE403      PSRE413 
PSRE423      PSRE433 
PSR125      PSR175 
PSR195      PSR450 
PSR295      PSR170 
PSR172       PSR190 
PSR195       PSR201 
PSR202      PSR260 
PSR262      PSR273 
PSR280      PSR282 
PSR290      PSR292 
PSR293      PSR350 
PSR403      PSR550