Professional Audio

Signal / Headphone Splitters



A range of signal splitters and headphone splitters, two, three, four and eight way, some with volume controls.

MTR PS-4 stereo passive four-way splitter

A tough plastic box houses the PS-4 Splitter, which has one stereo jack input on the back, feeding 4 stereo jack outputs.   The sockets are pcb-mounted, and there is an internal link to mono the unit.

Used, for example, for splitting headphone signals in music rooms, classrooms, computer music recording systems and hi-fi systems, it can also work in reverse as a 4 into 1 passive combiner.

The dimensions are 120 x 75 x 39 mm., weight 12 grams.

MTR PS-4v2


Another version, the PS-4v, has two additional volume controls, operating on channels 1 and 4.  These are handy for balancing headphones of differing impedances (and thus different volumes), or ears with different sensitivities.


The PS-8 is an 8 output version in an all-steel, RF shielded box.  Dimensions: 208 x 73 x 44mm.  Weight 60 grams.






The PS-8v has volume controls on channels 1, 4, 5 and 8, better for use with headphones of differing impedances.  All outputs on all models are fully protected by a 10 ohm resistor.  Size as PS-8, weight 65g.

MTR PS-435aAnother variation, the PS-435, is a mini-jack version of the PS-4.  It features a 1 metre captive input lead fitted with a 3.5mm stereo jack, and four 3.5mm stereo jack socket outputs.  Perfect for 3.5mm computer card or keyboard outputs and minijack headphones.


And finally, if it is only necessary to have a two-way split with very light duty use, the AL-22S is a short splitter cable to enable two pairs of MTR AL-22S-splitterheadphones to connect to a single output.   It is generally agreed that the rigid ‘Y’ type of adaptor puts considerable strain on the output socket and that a short flexible lead, as in this design, is far less likely to cause problems over time.  Specs: 6.3mm stereo jack plug to 2 x 6.3mm stereo jack sockets.  Length: 200mm.