Professional Audio

DI-1 and DI-2P Passive D.I. Boxes



MTR DI-1 sideThe DI-1 is single channel very high quality passive D.I. box, housed in a similar all-steel box used for our active models.  It features a 47Kohm jack input socket, three position attenuation, and a link output jack for connection to an on-stage combo etc.

Uniquely, it is fitted with two wide band low distortion transformers, one on each leg, providing a totally isolated, balanced 600 ohm output to an XLR.  A ground lift switch is fitted, and the unit can also be used in reverse to unbalance a balanced signal – useful when feeding a phantom powered balanced mic into a mono input such as an unbalanced mixer-amplifier, for example.

MTR DI-2PAnother application:- if you like the sound that your guitar/bass/vocal learning device gives (such as a  Tascam CD-GT2) you can connect it to the DI box input, and the output to your guitar/bass/PA amp, to retain the sound of the trainer.  Weight: 0.4Kg

The DI-2P is a two channel version, with four transformers and in a slightly larger box, for stereo keyboards etc., or two completely discrete signals.  Weight: 0.5Kg

We don’t recommend that you pass phantom power through these passive DI boxes.  While we know of  occasions where this has been done without problems, there is always the possibility of harming the transformers.  The solution is to add a capacitor in line with, e.g. an ipad and a mixer.  The value should be from 0.1µf through 1µf to 10µf, depending on the signal source.