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Galaxy HS7 Passive Hotspot



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  • The new design of the HS7 includes the convenient mic stand insert on the bottom of the unit.  This allows a quick setup on top of a mic stand, with the HS7 angled upward for accurate vocal monitoring.
  • The included mic stand adaptor insures a more stable and secure placement on any mic stand.
  • Molded-in yoke bracket points. With the optional yoke bracket assembly the HS7 can be mounted to a wall or ceiling, or attached to a mic stand.
  • Microphone boom attachment on top of the HS7 eliminates the need for a second mic stand for your microphone. (Requires optional hardware).
  • Integrated handle into the top of the enclosure.
  • Each Hot Spot 7 comes equipped with two Twist-lock 1/4″ Combo speaker jacks, which are wired in parallel to allow easy “daisy chaining’ of multiple Hot Spots.
  • 18 dB Stepped Attenuator Volume Control.Galaxy HS7_face_medium
    Galaxy HS7_standmount_micboom_small

    with mic boom stand

    · 16 ohm Cabinet with Two NEOLITE 5-Inch Drivers
    · 200 Watts Continuous Power Rating
    · Freq. Response 150Hz-18kHz
    · 126 dB SPL (200 Watts @ 0.5 Meter)
    · Input Connections: Two Twist-lock 1/4″ Combo Jacks wired in parallel
    · Mounts to Any Mic Stand
    · Integrated Handle, Mounting Points for Mic Boom & Bracket

    Galaxy HS7_standmounted_vert_small

    mounted vertically on mic stand

    Galaxy HS7_wallmountedHf_rsmall

    Galaxy HS7_wallmountedHfl_small wallmounted

    Galaxy HS7backpanel