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SDB40 Saddlebag



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Like the Life Saver, the Saddlebag will pay for itself the first time it prevents your expensive mics, or speakers, keyboards, cameras etc. from hitting the floor – or worse, hitting an on-stage/on-set artiste or crew member!

The Saddle Bag sand/water bag is designed to improve the stability of many types of equipment stands  used with loudspeakers, keyboards, mics, lighting stands and so on.  It’s also great as a boom counterweight, and is constructed from highly durable reinforced vinyl.  When filled with sand the Saddle Bag weighs approximately 18 kilos, and 11 kilos when filled with water.


Galaxy SDB40 on keboard stand

SDB40 on keyboard stand

Galaxy SDB40 Saddlebag on  tripodjpg

SDB40 on speaker stand

SDB40 on camera tripod

SDB40 on camera tripod








  • Dual wing design
  • Nylon handle with clip
  • May be filled with sand or water 
  • Helps protect equipment from damage
    and keeps stands upright and stable
  • Weighs up to: 18 kilos (40 lbs) filled with sand
    11 kilos (25 lbs) filled with water
  • Weight empty: 0.52kilos (1.15lbs)
  • Dimensions (product): 66 x 35cm deflated
  • Dimensions (shipping): 15 x 21 x 4cm
  • Coarse dry commercial sand works best.  Use a funnel for faster fills.
    Large 1-inch inner diameter plugs for ease of filling.