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LSR38 Lifesaver



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The Life Saver will pay for itself the first time it prevents your expensive mics or speakers from hitting the floor – or worse, hitting an on-stage/on-set artiste or crew member!

The Life Saver is an unique equipment stand stabilizer that will improve saftey in a variety of ways in Audio, Video, Lighting, Television and Theatre applications.   Any mic or speaker stand can become unstable because of a top-heavy centre of gravity, or a mic boom extended too far laterally, or simply because the stand is set on an uneven surface.  When filled with sand or water the Life Saver provides enough weight at the bottom to make safe any mic or speaker or lighting stand.  The doughnut shape of the LSR38 ensures that it will stay on the base of the stand, even if the stand is pushed or bumped.Galaxy Lifesaver mic standGalaxy Lifesaver


The Lifesaver weighs 17 kilos (38 lbs) when filled with sand, and 10 Kilos (22 lbs) when filled with water.  The durable reinforced vinyl material and easy-fill water tight design means you can take the Life Saver with you empty, and fill with water when you arrive.

The dimensions are: 40cm diameter x 15cm internal diameter, x 8cm thick.